Alabama Workers Deserve More Pay, More Rights, More Power.

Auto Workers

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Stand strong with Alabama auto workers in their fight to unionize at Mercedes, a fight for more rights.

We Stand For

  • Higher

    Alabama auto workers deserve to be paid fairly.
  • Better Health Care
    and Benefits

    Ensure access to affordable and quality plans.
  • Safer Working

    Every worker deserves a safe workplace.

For decades, the American middle class has unionized to gain basic power and respect at work.

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We can’t stand on the sidelines.

Why are Alabama auto workers being paid less (and treated worse)?

Foreign companies should not be taking advantage of hard-working people in Alabama.

Corporate Business plan, 'Alabama Discount,' Partner with local politicians and a few executives to take advantage of the Alabama working class. Hard working & honest people = better work, no complaints. Small-town labor = cheap work. Join forces with the establishment = larger profit margins.

we can end the “Alabama discount.”

Alabama More Perfect Union Solidarity. USA Made. Power to American Workers.

Standing up against executives and politicians, through unionization, will help our state and our auto workers.

Let’s finally make our fair share of company profits.

Stand with Alabama Auto Workers, sign the petition.